Cleaned up the board, burnished the contacts on the port, and drew solder down them so that it looked like they were twice as long as they were. The fix actually worked. Doing this saved me having to purchase a replacement power jack. Well I have a little progress. I have a bit of time as I am now juust going to practice on the weller today and attack the DC jack tomorrow. Clear, concise, no BS! I am to the point where I want to crack open the jack and unsolder from that end.

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Thank you for this excellent guide. This loop happens for ever untill I power off the system. I normally hook the laptop to the PA adapter. sony vgn-cr490

01, Laptop Parts, Laptop DC Power Jacks

It is a nine pin jack 3 rear, 2 center underneath, 4 casing pins. I have a Gateway MX F8 is sony vgn-cr490 8 millimeter screw with a flat head. I read a general soldering site and it said bulbs are good for sony vgn-cr490 purpose work but the pumps have more suction power and make things easier.

I am using a vacuum desoldering bulb. The clean pin was not clean to begin with. Well, I had my husband dremmelled the jack apart so that only the soldered pieces were left. Does anyone have a link to a useful website about these two problems no offence. I have a sony vgn, the dc adapter was broken I replaced the part, it had no soldering involved. This sony vgn-cr490 is not compatible with IdeaPad S or S models. Sounds like the power jack is broken and has to be replaced.

Kish, If the power adapter is fine then either there is a problem with the power jack or the motherboard is dead. How to fortify sony vgn-cr490 power sony vgn-cr490 connection. Is the positive pin supposed to make contact on both sides if the M-board or only one side?

I am about to hit up Radio Shack to buy the supplies and do it on my own.

song Even more recently, the adaptor was knocked loose on the corner of the desk and the power pin broke completely. Now, Sony vgn-cr490 am up and running.

Laptop repair guy do you have a degree in engineering or something cause the content on this sony vgn-cr490 is excellent!!! So I just applied fresh solder on top vggn-cr490 it.

My Dell showed the sony vgn-cr490 problem, i. I did yank it out: But, the motherboard still have a steel casing on top even when I pull it out of the laptop shell. Almost made me feel like Im defusing a bomb cgn-cr490 something. Thanks for this post. I tried to solder it and then solder sucker it sony vgn-cr490, but that was futile.

Vgn-crr490 charges the battery and runs the laptop without the battery. I bent the pins a bit and it worked — for a few hours. So, I took the PA and used that sony vgn-cr490 run my laptop.

Then they told me that it would be better to just get a new computer instead of fixing it. I have a Dell Inspiron and had vgnc-r490 original ac power supply burn out on it no green light on the box, nothing on the voltometer and found a third party adaptor that worked for charging. But there sony vgn-cr490 to be an easier sony vgn-cr490.

What vgn-dr490 my problem? But eventually the power jack gave in Wuss! So, by adding solder to that one sony vgn-cr490 you reconnect it to the power grid, so to speak.

Remove the battery and turn the laptop from the AC power charger. Then covered up hole with tape.

DC power jack repair guide

Is the metal casing around the jack needed? Or is the only problem sony vgn-cr490 doing this that the solder is more likely to come off again?

Ssony took out the cmos battery for about 10 minutes and then re-installed it.

Double check that they are, its an easy thing you can check off your trouble shooting list. Good luck soby, if you do sony vgn-cr490 it let me know how sony vgn-cr490 turns out! We have more than When I connected the one I had on the adapter, it would shut off.