Actually one received may or may not be pictured. Rock Band Microphone Refine Results. Standard USB mics work on the Xbox Color and or style may vary. Browse Related Browse Related.

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But everyone beware of these mics!

Using any USB MIC on Rock Band?

I logitech rock band usb microphone figured it was like that cause the usb cord has to plug into the mic its self then into the xbox.

Since the resale value for Lips is probably very little, I guess I can hold on to it for 2 background vocal mics.

I had ordered a cheap Nady usb mic for RB only to find out it didn’t work with RB returned it without a hitch though thankfully. Only serious buyers logitech rock band usb microphone please pay within 48 hours, thanks! Actually one received may or may not be pictured.

P4wn4g3 P4wn4g3 7 years ago 1 Lohitech guys, I just tried a combination of different microphone setups and none worked: Log In Sign Up. I am specifically looking for Wireless alternatives, but I’m starting with logitech rock band usb microphone connections to rule out anomalies. Didn’t this problem get solved a long time ago? You will be receiving one USB microphone.

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I’m looking for 2 mics. Sign Up for free or Uwb In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.

This item may have signs of wear typical of regular use such as scratches, scuffs, or marks. Keep me logged in on this device. Logitech rock band usb microphone – Signs of heavy wear and use.

It works on my PC but apparently the Xbox isn’t picking it up. Notes optional; required for “Other”: The bundle is two mics that connect to a mic converter with USB connectivity. Yes, Samson C01U condensor mic for podcasting. Rock Band, and presumbly Rock Band 3.

However many hardcore singers microphlne by it for it’s accuracy. October edited October The Lips mics are really bad It looks nicer but it’s really light and feels kinda toylike.

Rock Band Microphone

Everything that works on the PS2 works for the PS3. If not, which ones do work?

This is a working gently used rock band microphone. The Guitar Hero Mics work as well Sign up for free!

How to Use a Rock Band Microphone as a PC Mic |

Since my original RB mic started to konk out on me i’ve switched to a Logitech Vantage, which though the box says it’s intended for Karaoke Revolution, and though it says its for the PS3 it works beautifully on RB for the And I’m having a hard time finding Lips mics for my friend’s This is why they dont work. My friend has both systems and has the Singstar mics. Not certain about that, just going by what I’ve heard.

I would buy a mic from somewhere which logitech rock band usb microphone games because they will hopefully stock ones which will work.

I’m kinda hardcore top career score but I can’t tell much of a difference.