Intel DP67BG enthusiast desktop motherboard. Based on the EB Kawela controller chip. Successor to Ibex Peak. Based on the BX chipset. Intel X series server Ethernet adapters. Successor to Salt Creek. Probably named after Breed’s Hill , the actual site where the Battle of Bunker Hill took place during the American Revolution, located in the Charlestown section of Boston, Massachusetts.

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The G models have integrated GMA graphics. May be named after a place in Pennsylvania. Calexicolntel city in Imperial County, California. Intel EB Ethernet controller. Based on the GB controller chip Ophir.

List of Intel codenames

Intel tappen d945gtp first-generation Pentium M processor. Uses the BX chipset. Intel S enterprise-class SSD. Based on the EB controller chip Oplin. The Klamath Riverwhich flows through Oregon and California and is the name of adjacent counties in both of these states.

Reference unknown; see Dixon disambiguation for possibilities.

Intel DX79SI desktop motherboard. Reference unknown; possibly Broadwater, Nebraska. Supports redundant power supplies. Reference unknown; see Yamhill disambiguation for possibilities. Intel DH67CF desktop motherboard. Intel Xeon series, four or six cores. Reference intel tappen d945gtp see Millington disambiguation for possibilities.

Configurer proprement la séquence de démarrage dans le BIOS

Supports the Pentium processor. Atom CE processor, intended for consumer electronics devices. Reference unknown; see Bloomfield disambiguation tappen possibilities. The superhero intel tappen d945gtp of the character Bart Simpson. Intel’s large manufacturing and design facilities in Oregon are located in the Tualatin Valley.

Intel I series of server Ethernet controller chips. Download Drivers and Software View and download specific drivers and software for your system. Intel ACNX server system. Reference intel tappen d945gtp Dunnington is a village in Yorkshire, UK, but this is not a likely reference.

Successor to Cedar Trail. Renamed to Sandy Bridge after it was discovered that Gesher is also the name of a political party in Israel. Ask us a question. Intel XAT2 Ethernet controller. Based on the controller chip Rimon. Intel DH77DF desktop motherboard. Intel and series mobile chipsets, used with Pentium 4 CPUs. Intel STL2 two-socket server intel tappen d945gtp. Find answers to your questions about service and warranty options for d945ttp Intel branded product.

Configurer proprement la séquence de démarrage dans le BIOS

Calpellaan unincorporated community in Mendocino County, California. Intel XT2 server Ethernet adapter. Reference unknown; see Little River disambiguation for possibilities. Views Read Edit View history. Ninth generation Centrinoa mobile platform combining intel tappen d945gtp Haswell processor with the Lynx Point chipset. First product to use Intel’s tri-gate transistors.

Based on the Anvik controller chip. Paxvilleintel tappen d945gtp town in Clarendon County, South Carolina. Intel I series server Ethernet adapters. Xeon series, all dual-core, aimed at two-socket servers.

Intel DMUD desktop motherboard.