Intel DXCV desktop motherboard. Data protection engine in the Eaglelake chipsets. Tualatin is a town , river , and valley in Oregon. Paxville , a town in Clarendon County, South Carolina. Dothan was a city both in Israel and in Alabama.

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Supported Processors for Intel® Desktop Boards

Also the codename of a platform combining these components. Dothan was a city both in Israel and in Alabama. Successor to the Conroe Core microarchitecture. CPUs had to be named after cities listed on the map in the US.

Nineveh was an important city in ancient Assyria, referred to in the Book of Jonah. Server systems based on this motherboard are also codenamed Bluff Creek. NLX form factor, i chipset Camino. ChattanoogaTennessee, USA. Juneau is the capital of the U. Successor to Ibex Peak.

Xeon E series CPUs, aimed at dual-socket servers. Reference unknown; see Rock Creek disambiguation for possibilities. Dektop voltage regulator chip to accompany the Silverthorne CPU. Intel desktop board d845gebv2 d845pesv named d845gebvv2 Averilla town in Essex County, Vermont.

The musician Frank Zappa. Reference unknown; see Smithfield disambiguation for possibilities. Intel DX58SO2 desktop motherboard.

Intel DGCZ desktop motherboard. PCH for two- and four-socket servers based on the Purley platform. Kiefer is Yiddish for ” pine tree ” and a Jewish surname.

Reference unknown; see Millington disambiguation for possibilities. But also Dothan, AL. First Intel chipset to use inel PCH.

List of Intel codenames – Wikipedia

Four sockets for Itanium 2 processors, E chipset, 4U chassis. Named after a suburb of AucklandNew Zealand. Kyrene is a settlement in the state of Arizona.

CoupevilleWashington, USA. Intel I series of server Ethernet controller chips.

Reference unknown; see Moorestown d845gebg2 for possibilities. Probably named after Mount Katmaia volcano in the Katmai Park in Alaska, the site of a colossal eruption. Intel STL2 two-socket server motherboard. Massively multi-core CPU based on mini-cores. Hyper-threading technology, Intel’s term for simultaneous multithreadingintroduced in the Foster MP Xeon processor.

How to Identify Your Intel® Desktop Board

Successor to the Haswell microarchitecture. This article possibly contains original research.

OEM board for Dell. Intel and series mobile chipsets, used with Pentium 4 CPUs. Reference unknown; see Glenwood disambiguation for possibilities. V845pesv the BX chipset.