Check connecting between the video cable and LCD screen. There are 2 video cables listed for Toshiba Satellite AS screen. The LCD screen is bad itself, the video cable is bad or the connection between the cable and the screen is loose. Am I being taken for a ride? Marie, The new backlight bulb should work outside the case. Arvind October 31,

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I guess it has some protection function or just fujitsu lifebook c2210 centering the tube so I transferred it to the new CCFL but now I have a brighter spot there. I would like to disable the switch that turns off the fujitsu lifebook c2210. They did bend a little but came off fairly easy and I could bend them back. Lifeebook removed the LCD mask and two screws from the screen to get to the video cable.

Does fujitsu lifebook c2210 sound like this could be a video hardware related problem and if so what other tests can I try at home to determine the source? After reassembling the display, I was delighted to find that everything booted normal once again.

They snap apart easily, so this is reason enough for us to not repair them.

How to replace backlight lamp (CCFL)

I decided that enough was enough so I purchased a new motherboard online, when I installed it and applied power to fujitsu lifebook c2210 ,it seemed to work properly but then I noticed if I were to power down and then turn c2210 back on from the power button it would not power up.

Thanks for you help! I have tested plugging my computer on a external monitor and it disapears. Thanks very much for your helpful and clear guide.

We fujitsu lifebook c2210 see the light visible still it is dark how to rectify the problem.

Get a new one or a known working one and put it in. I have found that replacing the screen inverter fujitsu lifebook c2210 the same time will also save you time and money. Did I place the filters wrong way or the ccfl bulb not seated in correctly? I just checked a lid close switch on a Toshiba system board and it has 6 different contacts.

My question is kind of twofold. I repaired a lot of P25 laptops with problem like yours fujitsu lifebook c2210 by replacing the cable. Tube was about a cm too long lifebkok works well enough with the end poking out from the wire slots.

I am having the same problem Ed did in All you need is motherboard, CPU, memory. Each of them would cost you tons of money. I cut it as close fujltsu I could to the original length with the sharp end cutter fujitsu lifebook c2210 resoldered the old cables.

It has a split screen fujitsu lifebook c2210 it problem.

Previous Models – Fujitsu Singapore

What is the lowest, mid, and highest I could expect to pay someone to replace a backlight fujitsu lifebook c2210 me. Monisys sells a kit that contains the foil tape and extra silicone lifeobok if you accidentally wreck them. Also 30 or 40 very tiny screws and a very confusing mess of arranging all the various layers, brackets and plugs in there.

Fujitsu lifebook c2210 Hull September 28, I would try it just in case, even though the main memory passed Memtest. If you would only mentioned only a faint screen I would me almost positive that the FL inverter board has to be replaced.

I thought I would do okay without them, but ended fujitsu lifebook c2210 smudging the thing all up.

Once again, if I start fujitsu lifebook c2210 some burning, oh well. However, there is something very slight that I noticed. Does anyone know, from experience, how much it would be to get the board replaced out of warranty? I too have the Fujitsu lifebook Lifebokk and have the exact same problem. I would try to replace the LCD video cable first. It looks like the FL inverter board is failing.