You can specify a logical drive as the boot drive on this controller. A rebuild rate of percent means the system is totally dedicated to rebuilding the failed drive. I know it will give a boot error, but we need to see if it is making it past POST. This gives you the option to enter the configuration utility to resolve the problem. Thanks for the reply! RAID 10 requires at least four physical drives.

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All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Otherwise, the controller will run a background consistency check within five minutes of reboot or RAID 5 creation. By default, the logical drive size is set cntroller all available space in the dell perc 4 di raid controller s associated with the current logical drive, accounting for the Span setting. Although I can’t be certain that this was never swapped in the past.

Alternatively, you could look up your Service Tag on support. Stripes The number of stripes physical drives in the associated ddll array. The ROMB is installed.

Initialize each new logical drive you configure. If this does not work, my dwll move will be replacing the entire riser card that the controller resides on.

Chris- Yes – it is freezing. The main benefit is that you are not restricted dell perc 4 di raid controller sequential or contiguous logical drives when you create logical drives; you can use non-contiguous segments to create logical drives. The full drive size is used when you span logical drives; you cannot specify a smaller drive size.

If a hard drive used in a RAID logical drive fails, a hot spare will automatically take dell perc 4 di raid controller place and the data on the failed drive ddll reconstructed on the hot spare.

You can create multiple arrays, then select them to conttoller them. Perform the following steps to run Check Consistency:. Any other suggestions on what module may work?

You can initialize the logical drives using the following methods:. Online volume extension is not supported in cluster mode. The default is Every 4 Seconds. The configuration utilities provide a list of configurable arrays where there is a space to configure. Oerc Configuration does not delete the existing configuration. After you change the Initiator ID dell perc 4 di raid controller, the system prompts you to reboot. The default is enabled.

It displays the array and array number, such as A If the two criteria for spanning are met, PERC 4 automatically allows spanning. Perform the following steps to use the Initialize option from the Management Menu screen:. See Initializing Logical Drives in this section for more information.

Cache Policy applies to reads on a specific logical drive. Velocity Tech Solutions was actually the vendor I got my replacement part from. Cluster mode allows the controller to operate as part of a cluster.

In Easy Configurationeach physical array you create is associated with exactly one logical drive.

A device selection window displays the devices connected to the current controller. Here is the full number listed on the chip.

Support for PERC 4E/DI | Manuals & documents | Dell US

A larger stripe size provides better read performance, especially if your computer does mostly sequential reads. When you enable cluster mode, the system operates in cluster mode and automatically disables the BIOS. perd

If a hard drive fails in an array that is configured as a RAID controllwr, 5, 10, or 50 logical drive, you can recover the lost data by rebuilding the drive. Each controller controls two SCSI channels.