Thanks again Earl-you are terrific. It turns out that is was just dirty and needed cleaning -my messing around dislodging dirt somewhere that was causing a short. It took 10 minutes. Thank you for the best tip ever Alex! I just got my card in the mail, but it has no mounting screws…can anybody tell me the size to go and buy? I agree with everything others have contributed.

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The older G5 Mac Pros, which I also have one, will achieve bcm94321mcp1 p3 without the T-antenna, but with reduced range. I used the Apple Help App and bcm9421mcp1 walked me through the setup for an airport connection and the card was recognized and all works just fine, try bcm94321mcp1 p3 help function, it just might work.

How To: Installing an Airport Extreme Card in an Intel Mac Pro – Meandering Passage

bcm94321mcp1 p3 Thanks for all the information. As I wrote previously, the report on this card was for a Mac Pro. FastMac bccm94321mcp1 this was the proper way to go. Do you think this is bcm94321mcp1 p3 reception issue? Removing it is trickey, but once done, getting to everything is a snap.

How To: Installing an Airport Extreme Card in an Intel Mac Pro

The airport card does not show as on but the Bluetooth pan is on and I have the internet. I have done the upgrade to my Mac Pro 8-corebut the wifi is slow. It took me at least mins to get the damn antennas on. Earl, I bcm94321mcp1 p3 to personally thank you for this thread AND the pictures bcm94321mcp1 p3 generously posted.

Can I splice the wire together? Put it up as high bcm94321mcp1 p3 you can, and do your best to create a line-of-site scenario with your computers.

On my Mac Pro, there was only one way to attach the antenna wires; the short one bcm9431mcp1 only reach the top terminal, and the longer one reached the bottom. Also, I am using connectors 1 and 2 for my Airport card, and I have great reception. Now with 2,1 connected, transmit rate is 54 same as my MBP sitting right next to me.

I bought mine with the airport card installed some two years ago. The store, though, bcm94321mcp1 p3 have a small Bent Nose bcm94321mcp1 p3, and the end was smooth, so I bought that. Cheers for the thread! I powered everything up and went into network preferences and bcm94321mcp1 p3 works!

I had to do it myself because transporting the computer and not having it around for a long time was simply not an option. I am running Lion on it now and so I bcm94321mcp1 p3 not sure if i really bcm94321mcp1 p3 bcm94321mp1 run the enabler anyway since I read somewhere in another forum that Snow Leopard included the enabler. I have a tiny flat-screwdriver but found that it could turn the Philip screws, but today I tried to find a tiny Philip screwdriver in a hardware store; no luck.

Now I am trying to pair bvm94321mcp1 two so I can do the wireless bcm94321mcp1 p3. Except…When I started to install I discovered I had no screws.

Also, what bcm94321mc;1 the verdict on which of the 3 wires are the best to use? Getting the antenna leads to snap onto the J2 and J1 connectors is the toughest part of the installation. Thanks tons, this guide did the exact p. THe problem that I have discovered is bcm94321mcp1 p3 when I go to front row app and try to check out the video previews it says that I am not connected on the internet.

Bcm94321mcp1 p3 you, thank you….

Love of greetings, Katharina from Cologne. Much later, pulled an old laptop apart and practiced on its wireless.

Have 3 wires on mine and only 2 terminals on the card. Bcm94321mcp1 p3 was excited to bcm94321mcp1 p3 the card myself bcm94321mvp1 these instructions but before i bought the card I tried to find the wires. I just wanted to add this information:. Does it automatically mean the card is bad? Alex, the AE card bcm94321mcp1 p3 your model MP is located towards the bottom left side of the machine. Thanks a lot guys!! Just installed my card thanks to your tutorial, the wires were really hard task but everything works perfectly.